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Montana Pond Products

The following is a brief description of the basic products we rely on to achieve a healthy, balanced ecosystem in most ponds for the long run. Problem weeds, algae, or muck from too many fish, poor aeration or too few plants require adjustments and varying recommendations. Contact Marnie Lyon for your pond products at terry@montanaponds.com

The products we carry add health to your water world.


  • MD PelletsThese are active, live beneficial bacteria that literally clean up muck on the bottom of the pond, much like Greek yogurt for the gut.

  • Water Column Clarifier. A liquid product that works with the MD Pellets to clean up the water column, creating crystal clear water while adding health to both natural and man-made ponds. 



  • PondZillaPondZilla has may roles in maintaining balance in a pond. It starts by breaking down organic matter and limiting nutrients available for weeds and algae growth. Other products perform more effectively as well, from the beneficial bacteria to algaecides, when combined with PondZilla. It also works to minimize dangerous gas levels in the water that can lead to fish kills.

  • AquaSticker.Excellent with chelated copper. Used with algaecides and many other pond treatments, this product works as a catalyst, minimizing the amounts of herbicide or accidental necessary in the pond. AquaSticker can reduce the amount of copper used by up to 40%, which leads to a much more balanced pond over time.